Thursday, June 4, 2009

Secret Garden: chapter 2

Well, our flowering yard is still at it!

Here is a flower I discovered out behind the garage. I'm not sure what it is (perhaps "just" a weed), but it seems to like the shade better than the sun. I replanted it in a sunny spot (before I realized) so it sort of withers every day in the sun and then comes back to life when it gets shady.

I just found these the other day. Perhaps they're bluebells? I thought they were bellflower, but we have a lot of those and they haven't bloomed yet.

Even our clover is blooming!

This amazed me. A neighbor left these irises in a bucket for us just after we closed on the house. I probably planted then a month, month-and-a-half ago - and one of them is blooming! I didn't think I'd see blooms at all till next year.

This is a Jack in the Pulpit, a lovely woodland plant. These are the big leaves...

...and this is the other part of the plant. A bit odd. We've got several of them over by the ferns.

Another mystery plant, over by the neighbor's house. Queen Anne's Lace? Not sure. It's growing in amongst the Virginia Water Leaf. I don't know if that stuff blooms.

This is Lily of the Valley. When we moved in they were marching through the whole north side and into the neighbors yard. We don't mind them too much and I guess the neighbor doesn't - but he doesn't want them filling up his vegetable garden - which they're trying to do. So we've been pulling them out and feeding them to the chickens. The chickens love them and the Lilies are still popping up everywhere.

Our first Poppy! This beauty bloomed on Sunday morning, the last day of May. It has a LOT of siblings in the yard... we're excited for these others to bloom too!

Our old fashioned roses have been budding for awhile and they just started to bloom on Monday.

The rose bush is enormous and covered in buds, so in a week or two or three this should be fabulous looking. I'll post when it gets there!


Tam said...

Wow! Did I mention you have a really great yard?

That could be Virginia bluebell.

Lily of the valley are dear to me but they are so incorrigible. I yanked and yanked bishop's weed and LotV last year when I was fixing the grade and making new beds. Then I piled cardboard and compost over them and they're still coming back this year!

It's a good thing they smell so nice. I might take it personally. ;)

Anna Dunford said...

unless you guys have a totally different plant you call clover, that's not clover! I'm pretty sure it's an oxalis (wood sorrel).

great photos Aimee =)

Aimee said...

Hmm, I'm not sure what Bishop's Weed is. But I'm sure if it likes to take over everything we might have it. =) Virginia Bluebell...I'll have to ask our plant expert to confirm. =)

Hey Anna, how embarrassing. Of course that's not clover! I know what clover looks like. It's a pretty tiny flower, but maybe it is oxalis. I'll have to get more opinions. Thanks!

@bdul muHib said...

It reminds me of this exert from Brother Sun Sister Moon.

Aimee said...

Except we don't have rabbits, horses, deer, sheep, etc (or the shell of a destroyed church). But I'm sure St. Francis would go skipping through our yard singing nonetheless. =)

Tam said...

It's also known as ajuga or goutweed. It's low rhizome-spreading plant with light green leaves edged in white. The flowers are similar to Queen Anne's Lace.

Here's a link to my big grading and plant yanking project last year. I think there's some pictures in there. You can see them all over my iris.

I don't hate it, actually. It makes a nice groundcover, especially under trees. It's like mint, oregano, and lily of the valley though. It takes over. It takes more weeding time then anything else in my yard.