Thursday, June 11, 2009

Revised garden beginnings

Some of you were amazed at the large selection of seeds we got this year and our plans for a monster garden.

Those plans all happened before we plunged headlong into this incredible house adventure. Jeremy did manage to plant a couple trays of seeds which were growing nicely back in April.

But...there's something about being abandoned and not watered for days and not planted outside at the proper time that makes a plant just give up. Almost all our seedlings died.

I finally went to the community garden on Sunday (the deadline day!) to claim our little 4x8 plot and plant the only surviving stragglers: chard, parsley, and loveage. They're so leggy and they've never been outside that I'm doubtful they'll survive. In fact, there was a pounding, driving rain on Sunday night that snapped off a couple stems. A friend down the street had over-planted and taken care of his plants, so I got some extra tomatoes, basil, and chard from him. So here is our sad little plot:

Back at the old house, all eight chive plants came up with a vengeance and are looking quite nice. We still need to dig those out and bring them to their new home. And, most surprisingly, the lettuce self-seeded and we had a lovely patch of lettuce! I picked some on Monday for dinner:

It looks like a bean might have self-seeded as well, further down the patch, and the family's patch across the path looks to be full of melon or squash plants. I'm not good at identifying them till they actually have fruit/veggies on them!

We'll see how our baby garden goes this season and we're looking forward to a much more impressive garden next year!

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