Thursday, December 10, 2009


Perhaps this would have been a good post around Thanksgiving since it is a post about thankfulness.

Jeremy just got off the phone arranging to pick up a railing tomorrow for our upstairs renovation. He's been looking at the Re-Use Center and local building supply stores and it was going to cost around $180 to get a simple 4 to 5 foot long railing for the top of the stairs. Crazy! A quick visit to Craigslist produced a perfect match for us, at only $10.

This started me thinking of all the other things we'd gotten from Craigslist over the past year:
  • all the brick pavers for our path;
  • plywood for our chicken coop;
  • wooden crates/boxes that we used in our root cellar;
  • fabric for sewing projects;
  • our rain barrels;
  • our temporary refrigerator (which we sold back to craigslist after a month!);
  • an outdoor light (which we have yet to install!);
  • tools like our sawsall, sander, compound mitre saw, table saw, drill, socket sets, clamps, wheelbarrow, shovel, shop light;
  • our new claw foot bathtub (which lives in the garage till we get to the bathroom remodel);
  • and a Christmas present or two which I can't talk about yet.
Craigslist is also how we found the guy we get logs from for Jeremy's mushrooms and the guy who will be making our flooring for upstairs.

I'm just sure I'm missing a few other things. I should also say how thankful we are for Savers and Value Village, the Re-Use Center, and various friends, family, and strangers who have passed things on that they didn't want anymore.

Yay for re-using, re-gifting, re-selling, and recycling!


Boda said...

I left my camera on the plane from Seattle to Kansas City and found it in the Lost & Found on Craig's List - in Florida!

Aimee said...

Wow, that is incredible! Glad you got it back.