Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer challenge: roasted red bell peppers

Okay, so the bell peppers were the only thing to come out of the freezer, but this dish also included kohlrabi which we found languishing in the back recesses of the fridge. So, it kind of counts.

This is based on the tofu scramble which Jeremy learned about when he worked at the Seward Cafe.

We had a half pound of tofu left over from another dish so Jeremy cubed that and marinated it in a mix of tamari, fish sauce, and sesame oil (for 2 or 3 hours). He peeled and sliced up the kohlrabi and steamed it till it was cooked. We don't have a wok so Jeremy did his best in our copper frying pan. He browned/cooked each of the vegetables in the frying pan on their own, then set them aside, and he did that with the tofu too. (Jeremy is now telling me that you don't want the vegetables & tofu in the pan at the same time because then the pan is cooled too much and there wouldn't be a good sear on everything. So, batches.)

Once everything was seared/browned/cooked, he threw it all into the pan to warm up for a minute and poured in the marinade to make a bit of a sauce. Then it was served over rice. Holy cow. This was very tasty!

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