Monday, January 25, 2010

Goal setting

When you're working on a big project like this house, it's helpful to set goals. You have to take things in smaller pieces and accomplish one thing at a time. Otherwise it is too overwhelming.

A week ago Jeremy started putting the wood paneling up on the ceilings. A week later, we've almost made our goal of getting the ceiling up by the end of the weekend. (There are only a couple more boards to put up to finish it.)

Of course, our other goals last week were to get the ceiling done by Friday. Then to get it done Saturday, then to get it done by the end of the weekend. So now I'm pretty sure it will get done today! Flexible goals are important.

So here's Jeremy finishing the ceiling on the bedroom side:

And then I painted the whole thing...

...while Jeremy got to work on the study side...

Then he finished that side and I painted it too

Back to the bedroom side, and Jeremy is just finishing up with that little ceiling part at the front of the house.

We got an idea from the wood guy about cutting an angle off the pieces of wood when we had to line them up. This makes it match more with the tongue-and-groove style. It's an extra cut to make, but it looks really good. Here's a detail shot - the horizontal groove is what the wood came looking like. The vertical groove is what Jeremy cut for where those two pieces of wood met.

Hopefully today Jeremy will start working on the west wall, but we've only got a couple days to work on that because we're heading to Oregon for Christmas with my family. When we get back next week there will only be a couple weeks before Jeremy gets started on mushrooms. And then we've got to start planting seeds for the garden. It's going to be even busier around here - if that's possible!

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