Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going up!

The wood, that is. Jeremy put up some trim to start and yesterday he started putting up the wood. I'm so excited I can't stand it!

This somewhat bizarre shot is from the floor in the bedroom doorway, looking up to the ceiling. We're putting pine tongue-in-groove paneling on the walls and ceiling. We're going to be painting it white when it's done.

I didn't mention before where we got the wood from. I'm pretty sure Jeremy found this guy on Craigslist (not surprising). He lives here in Minnesota, about two hours north of us. He cuts the wood and mills it, dries it, does whatever needs to be done to turn out some fantastic wood products. We got wood ready for flooring, wood ready for the paneling, trim wood, and wood for new stairs. Jeremy and our wood guy had a conversation about supporting local business and small businesses as they were loading the wood onto the front porch.
One thing we've both really enjoyed about this wood is how real it is. Not that wood flooring/paneling from Home Depot or some such store isn't real. But it's too perfect and would never have an end that looks like this:

Our wood is beautiful and has a lot of character. It is going to mean an absolutely beautiful space to live in.

While I've got you here, just thought I'd include a couple photos of what it looks like outside. I'm so used to it, I forget other people are just getting rain or having temps in the 50s!

(good luck finding our raised beds under all that snow!)

(or any mushrooms for that matter!)

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Karin McAdams said...

It's lookin' gorgeous already! And your snow is cuter than ours.