Saturday, January 2, 2010

An icy new year

We got a last minute invitation on Thursday to join a friend over at Minnehaha Falls. (The same friend who led the sky candle adventure last year.) She would be ringing in the new year behind the ice curtain of Minnehaha Falls - lighting candles, reading poetry, making wishes for the new year, and we would be able to see the full moon rising. We were in!

We bundled up in warm clothes and climbed down the rather treacherous stairs, hopped over a "no entrance" sign, and trekked over to the falls. It was amazing...

On our approach to the falls - it was still a little light out.

As we climbed out of the valley we looked back and saw one of the candles glittering (on the far left). You can't see the candles lighting up the ice sheets because there are some enormous lights just over the falls - keeping everyone safe in the dark I'm sure...

The moon was enormous and butter yellow when it first rose.

bonus pic: it has been very cold here the last couple days - hello January! With windchill it has been down to -35. These gorgeous ice patterns formed on our windows yesterday and they've stuck around all day

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Kelly McMichael said...

wow--amazing. I'm so jealous but so glad you shared your pics and adventure so that those of us in the South could enjoy the icy wonderland, too.