Sunday, April 11, 2010

He's at it again

Making a mess that is!

Jeremy has been on a bit of a mushroom hiatus this week since his drill bit broke and he's waiting for a new one to arrive. He's been doing some gardening things, I've been working on the terrace and some other projects, and Jeremy decided he might as well do some work on the bathroom.

We tore out the false ceiling in the bathroom last year and it's just been a gaping hole since then. I put up enough plastic to keep the constant rain of insulation and chunks of plaster to a minimum.

But Jeremy took half of it down (creating the above mess) so he could install an extra light and run the electrical for the bathroom fan. He wants to get the moisture barrier up and drywall on the ceiling before we install the floor upstairs. All that moisture from showers and baths has to go somewhere, and we'd rather not have it going into our new floor!

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