Friday, April 2, 2010

A little civil engineering

If anyone is scrutinizing pictures of our yard you may have noticed something new going on from the photos in yesterday's post. We've got a little civil engineering project going on.

We have this giant hill o' dirt in the back yard. We managed to get rid of a little more recently, but there is just so much! We intend to keep the mountain, some of it anyway. We're going to plant things in it in another month or two.

But we realized much of it is too steep to plant in and the dirt will just keep sliding off. We've been talking about putting in steps or something so we could walk around on the mountain. Then it occurred to us a couple days ago that we could terrace it!

So we've made a start. Actually - I've made a start since I've done all this on my own while Jeremy is drilling mushroom logs!

We're at an impasse now thinking about how and where to curve around and what plants need how much space. We're using the broken up bits of sidewalk that we dug out last fall and we'll soon reach another impasse when we run out of broken bits of sidewalk! But, one thing at a time.


Tam said...

Being from the land of flat farming, it was beautiful to see terraced rice paddies in Asia when I went a long, long time ago.

Love terraces. Good idea.

carolynagain said...

That's an innovative use of the erstwhile sidewalk. Looking forward to more pictures as the terraced mountain o'dirt evolves.