Monday, April 19, 2010

Ongoing project: dirt

Last week blogger-friend Arika got a load of dirt/compost and I commented that I wished I could get a load of dirt delivered. And then just a few days later we did get a load of dirt delivered! Jeremy and our neighbor worked out a deal and they drove off to some transfer station with lots of compost-y dirt material, loaded it up together and dumped piles at our house and his.

Mr. Pile of Dirt:

meet our raised bed:

ooh, don't they look good together!?

While we were at it, we topped off a bit of the other two beds:

And then I did some work putting this compost-y dirt into the terrace.

We still had about 1/3 of the pile left but discovered on Sunday that someone had come by and made off with our dirt! We have several different people coming by from time to time to remove dirt from our yard that we don't want (fill dirt and dirt we don't have room for). I suspect someone came by and thought our compost was the dirt to take. Bummer!


Arika said...

Dirt!! It's funny how tough it can be to get a hold of dirt :)

We need to finish loading ours into our beds before it dries out!

Lookin good. How much bed space do you have all together?

carolynagain said...

Compost theft! I'd thought I was a reading about the dismaying beginnings of a new type of crime, so I was glad to read on and find that it was just a case of mistaken dirt identity. Still: bummer.

Nice beds! How big are they? (Is it easy to reach the middle of them?) How high are the sides?