Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freezer challenge: tomatoes, kale, bell peppers

What do tomatoes, bell peppers, and kale all have in common? They all live in our freezer!

For the next couple days I'll update everyone on our freezer challenge progress.

First is Jeremy's take on vegetarian lasagna. Jeremy' isn't a big pasta fan so I think this only had two layers of lasagna noodles. He made his own red sauce with our frozen tomatoes and frozen roasted bell peppers, and some of our onions and garlic that have been stashed away. The green layer is a mix of ricotta and kale from the freezer, blended up in the food processor. Then of course lots of mozzarella sprinkled over the top.

Voila! Vegetarian Lasagna (obviously so good it didn't need a side).

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Jessica (your sister) said...

Remember when mom didn't have pasta and she used thinly sliced strips of zucchini? Just thought I would remind you of that since you said Jeremy wasn't a huge fan of pasta.