Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezer challenge: chicken surprise!

Okay, "chicken surprise" is not the name of some crazy recipe we came up with. But we were surprised the other day when we found two whole Buckeye chickens in the depths of the freezer! We bought them from the farmer's market a year and a half ago! I guess they got buried and we forgot they were in there. Jeremy just discovered them last week.

He put one on to roast in the morning last Friday:

We had some chicken for lunch, but the veggies weren't really done. Jeremy threw the veggies, some of the chicken, some of our homemade chicken stock and some noodles in the slow cooker right after lunch and we had chicken soup for dinner!

We're not really having a "root cellar" challenge since we don't have a root cellar (yet), but this did help us use up some carrots and potatoes from the basement that looked like they were more ready for planting than cooking!


Arika said...

this looks delicious!

I still haven't cooked the roaster I bought a few weeks ago- I think this picture is inspiring me to cook it this week! :)

Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

That looks like a good roast there.