Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mushroom class

Last Saturday Jeremy offered a mushroom class here at the house. We're on a couple different listservs for gardening and agriculture so he put out the word and a lot of people showed up! I estimate about 30 or so.

They crowded into our back yard and of course there was some chicken coop envy going on. We went around and did introductions and people were there for all different reasons. Some had grown mushrooms themselves, on logs or in straw or other medium; one guy makes his own spawn; some were interested in growing mushrooms themselves; and a few just wanted to learn more.

Jeremy talked about mushroom log culture, when to get the logs, what kind, etc, and then everyone packed into the garage for a little demonstration about inoculating the logs.

Back out in the yard he showed off the 100+ logs in our yard and did a little demonstration of the "totem method."

People kept coming and going and the last ones left at about 4:30. The class started at 1:00 so it was a long day! But it was a great class with lots of good input from other experienced growers. Several folks bought logs from Jeremy to get themselves started.

There was also a guy from the New York Times (!) so Jeremy is (maybe) about to be famous. I'll let you know if something is published.

I'm behind on my posting (as usual I guess) because we just got back from five days in Kansas City. Jeremy's mom is off traveling in South East Asia so we went down to hang out with her partner. We had a great few days down there and were, of course, very productive. More on that soon!


3peace said...

Do you guys sell mushroom plugs? Where can I buy them? I live in St. Paul and don't want to pay huge shipping costs.

Aimee said...

Hi 3peace, we don't sell plugs. Jeremy buys them from Field and Forest. I guess they do charge a bit for shipping. They are relatively close, in Wisconsin.
We do know a guy in Minneapolis who is making mushroom spawn and you could probably contact him to get some plugs. Send me an email to get the info: aimee (dot) mcadams (at) yahoo (dot) com

KSM said...

I'd love to attend a class on growing mushrooms.

Liz said...

I'd LOVE to have you teach a class for Mississippi Market Co-op! Email lmcmann at if you're interested in teaching in July or beyond. Thanks!