Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've seen several people lately knitting socks. I am so impressed. It's incredible how much time it takes to do that - especially when they can be bought so cheaply at the store. It makes you wonder about other things we buy at the store so cheaply: how much labor actually goes into making this?

Anyway, I know nothing about knitting and I have too many other hobbies and interests to take it up (and someone tried to teach me once and I was too impatient to learn!). So I was very pleased to discover a pattern for fleece socks. After a few failed attempts (the stretch has to run in just the right way) I made these:

Then I made a giant pair for Jeremy out of this fabulous thick, thick, thick fleece I found at Savers.

They are lovely. In fact, I'm wearing them right now even though I have about 3 inches of toe space in them! I'll have to make my own pair.

They make great bed socks and keep-your-feet-warm-around-the-house socks and lounging-around-the-house socks, etc. I can see many more pairs of these in my future.


Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

Sewing is something that neither Jess or I have much ability with. The socks look great! I have a set of fleece socks but don't wear them much.

Aimee said...

We always have cold feet I guess. So we have piles of wool socks, slippers, and now fleece socks. I just think they're so comfy walking around the house in. And they protect you from the splinters and construction debris floating down from upstairs - or the trail of mud/dirt/water tracked in from outside. Hmm. Now you all know way too much about how dirty our floors are!

Jennifer Scott said...

What pattern did you use for these?

Aimee said...

#220. =) From The Rain Shed Inc, out of Corvallis Oregon.
I actually ordered the pattern from a totally different site, but all the other patterns I got were from these guys too. They have some great stuff!