Friday, March 12, 2010


Hello garden beds! You've been buried under so many feet of snow for so long, we practically forgot you were there.

Hello rain barrels! We are so glad to have you back! We are so glad we can put you back out since it's probably not going to freeze (too much or too bad) again.

Hello mountain of dirt and rain garden! Okay, the mountain of dirt is kind of ugly. We've got to get some plants in that mountain soon. And it's so good to see the rain garden again; it even has a few green plants in it. Amazing!

And what's this!?!?

I can't believe things are actually coming up! Last fall one of us found a bulb (or two?) somewhere in the yard. I think it had been dormant because I don't remember ever seeing a plant in the place where we found the bulb - and I think it was down deep. So I plopped it in the rain garden and put the ? tag on it. Now something is coming up. I can't wait to see what it is! But given how early it is I should really go cover it over with more hay so it will be protected from any frosts.

Sigh, this reminds me so much of last year and all my secret garden posts (here, here, and here!). I'm so looking forward to seeing what comes up this year, especially after how much transplanting, moving, disrupting, and digging we did. I hope things survived!

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carolynagain said...

Your photos remind me springs 30 years ago where I grew up outside of Buffalo. No thaw or melting snow to mark season's change here in Seattle!

I'm officially adopting your labelling system for bulbs and sprouts unknown.
"?" says it all.