Sunday, March 7, 2010

Slow progress

I haven't said much about the upstairs because not much has been happening. Jeremy got all the pine up on the walls and I've got it almost all painted. Then he started working on the basswood.

It's really beautiful, especially in the morning sun as you can see. Jeremy did finish this wall so we were able to get rid of the piece of wood spanning over the stairs. It's nice not to bump our heads going up and nice not have to do the limbo, ducking as we go down.

But that is where we've been sitting since he picked up the logs. The plan was that after doing logs most of the day he'd take a brief break then head upstairs to do more work. But that hasn't worked so far. It's a bummer, but he'll be done with the logs in a few weeks and get back to working upstairs again. I hope!

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