Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Bag

My sister's birthday was on Wednesday. I've been making some cloth bags lately and was thinking of sending her one. Then I saw a cool jean bag two weeks ago and decided to try making one. I'm quite pleased with the results:

It's made of recycled jeans, on this side you can see a piece where a pocket used to be.

And the inside:

It was hard to send it away - I wanted to keep it for myself! I think I'm going to make one with corduroy on the outside. I have five or six different colors of it - some I picked up at sales and others in the form of mostly worn out pants.


carolynagain said...

How do you find time for such cool projects? I love this bag!
On my list: learn to sew.

Jessica (your sister) said...

The bag disappeared the other day and when it showed up again it was full of our little sisters crocheting and stuff for our niece. I think it has been taken over, I don't mind really, I am sure I will get it back when I need it. Just in case though I should ask you if there are special wash instructions. Not that I need those yet but I have a feeling they might come in handy in the future. Amaya may want to hide soggy food in there like she hides it everywhere else. You can send that in an email though. Thanks again for the bag.

Aimee said...

@carolyn: well, you know, unemployment has it's benefits! Lots of time for instance. =)

@jessica: hee hee, I love it that Gwen stole the bag!

Arika said...

very cute! :)

Tam said...

I had a garbage bag of ripped jeans, for a jean quilt and kitchen rugs, up until last week. I sent the whole thing over to Dean's aunt in Southern Minnesota. She's making bags as well.

It looks good!