Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 - 2- 1 - bloom!

It seems like everything has bloomed in the last week or two, although really things have been blooming for months now.

Mystery flower in the back is doing very well and much healthier than last year:

The purple and white phlox are starting to bloom. They'll just slowly keep blooming for the rest of the summer:

This is a bit washed out, but these flowers are kind of bright pinkish-purple. They're on stalks probably 5 feet tall! They remind me of phlox, but they don't look the same quite. I don't remember them being here (in the front yard rain garden) last year. Volunteers I guess.

Another mystery flower. I think I might have gotten this from a neighbor and it was very small last year. This year it is quite large and spilling all over the bank into the rain garden. The flowers are like fuchsia or fluorescent pink. They are stunning.

Lots of Cranesbill (ie wild geranium) and it's flowering a lot this year.

I've been calling this wild geranium, but it looks nothing like the one above! Maybe it's just a different kind? I'm confused. I guess it goes back on the long mystery list.

Speaking of mysteries, these are the plants I swiped from the community garden path. They get tons of these little blue flowers and I just love them!

I have a million big purple irises that came from our neighbor up the block. The only ones blooming are in the back rain garden. They smell just like grape juice!

These are the columbines from our neighbor's mom. Very different from the ones I normally see around here. I can't remember if this is the "wild" variety or what it is that makes them so different.

The poppies started blooming a couple days ago. There are even more now - maybe you can see how many fuzzy buds there are in there. They don't stick around for long though. I don't think a bloom lasts for more than a day.

They are glorious:

More to come! Our peonies are going to bloom any day. Yay! Transplanting didn't kill them or make them stop flowering. Our rosebush just burst into bloom today. The yarrow is going to bloom any day. No sign of impending coreopsis blooming or coneflower or many of the various others. But I guess I wouldn't want it to all bloom (and fade) all at once anyway!


Dwelf the senior raincoat said...

Gosh, you must really miss the Pacific northwest where we shiver at 50-55 degrees day after day this year. Even Anchorage and Minneapolis have had 75 or better temps. We will probably set a record for how long it takes us to get to 75 this year.

It's so cold even the slugs are wearing wool sweaters.

Aimee said...

I'll try to bring some good weather with me when I visit. =)