Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The logs are done! The logs are done!

Yes, on Monday Jeremy finished the last of the mushroom logs. It always seems to take longer than he says it will. But I suppose I would be the same. There is only so much repetitive activity one can take!

Now is the time to admit that this feat was accomplished in part because Jeremy now has an intern. Yes, our tiny little urban farm has it's very own intern! Our neighbors think this is hysterical.

Jeremy was talking to some folks and they thought he should try this. He spent a couple days writing up a description of our farm and what people could expect to be doing and then posted the description on some site. We got quite a few calls. In fact, we were getting calls weeks later even! The interest varied from people who want to learn about the mushrooms, to people who were more interested in how to grow vegetables, to people who want to learn how to preserve food, to folks who wanted to know it all! Jeremy narrowed it down to one guy and J. has been coming by a day or two a week since then. He's been very helpful with the garden and the logs of course.

So I guess now no one can say, "where do you get all the energy to do all this stuff!?" =)

Ahem, back to the logs. There are about 110 in our yard, 125 in our friend E's yard and another 100 in our friend J's yard - both about 2 blocks away. That makes 335 logs!

Here are the logs in E's yard:

Here are the logs in J's yard:

Jeremy has finalized plans about where these mushrooms will be going. He'll be selling them 5 pounds or more at a time to the Seward Co-op. When he has less than five pounds they'll go to the Golden Fig. So keep an eye out!

Now that the logs are finally done, we can get on with some house projects...
- getting that leaky basement faucet fixed
- finishing electrical in the bathroom
- putting up drywall in the bathroom
- finishing the walls in the upstairs closet
- putting the floor down upstairs
- doing the trim upstairs
- getting our final inspection and finally moving upstairs!!!

I can hardly wait!!

But of course, interrupting all those tasks are the tasks of getting the garden going, planting seeds, transplanting, and getting going on the new root cellar.

Having an intern has not made us any less busy I guess!

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Karin McAdams said...

In honor of the last fertilized log, we had shitake risotto for dinner tonight! (coincidence, but oh well) Congratulations to all three of you!