Friday, May 21, 2010

Award! Award!

I've been meaning to post for days but everything has been hectic. I felt a little sheepish when Taylorgirl of A City Chicken Farm gave me an award!

It's the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm not really sure what that means, but it's pretty cool. =) Anyway, I just started following A City Chicken Farm (out of Washington state) a month or two (or three?) ago. I love her chicken stories, chicken pics, and humor. This has to be one of the funniest posts ever. So thanks for the award!

The rules are, after thanking my adoring public, to re-gift this award to other great blogs and to share some things about me that my online community may not know. I'm not sure about that part. I mean, then I wouldn't have any fodder for playing 2 Truths & a Lie with any of you! Oh well...

I'm just going to share five things:

1. my favorite food growing up (or at least for a couple years) was fried squirrel. Does it taste like chicken? I really don't remember.

2. I don't drive. Don't even have a driver's license. I rather like it that way though sometimes transportation can be a pain.

3. My husband is the first person I ever kissed. (aw, so romantic!... )

4. I have traveled in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Guatemala, England, and Scotland. I would go back to South Korea in an instant. (Hmm, and NZ, Aus, and England too!)

5. I stopped watching TV in the middle of grad school (or should I say, in the middle of Lost, season 3!) and haven't had a TV since then. I don't really miss it, though I am desperately trying to catch up with all the Lost I missed. So don't tell me anything about the show! No hints! Or....else. Or else. =)

So, now that you know everything about me, I would love to bestow this award (whatever it means) on some fellow bloggers.

First, to my friend Ashley and her blog A Passionate and Determined Quest for Adequacy. Her posts are usually though-provoking and so honest and sometimes I think she's me because some of our experiences are similar. She just writes about them better than I do. I don't generally write any faith-related posts, but Ashley's blog always makes me wish I did. I appreciate her putting her struggles and joys out there for others to share in.

Second, I want to nominate my mom-in-laws blog, Becoming my Grandmother, because I think it is so cute! I like the premise of the blog and all the family history.

I have to award my friends Scott and Jen who spend several months during winter each year in ANTARCTICA! How cool is that? They probably won't be blogging again till the fall, but when they head back, it's worth it to keep up with Jen and Scott on the Ice.

I also enjoy reading Land of the Lost Surprise. Tam is a baker, gardener, farmer, writer-type and she's kind of in my neck of the woods. It's nice to have regional blogging friends who are also gardeners and understand the weather around here. =)

Lastly, I award On the Road to Find Out. Arika has jumped wholeheartedly into the gardening/homesteading/baking/etc world and it's fun to read about her adventures.

I don't know if there is a limit to how many I can award, but I couldn't pick any fewer! So congratulations to us all!

And many updates coming your way soon...


Tam said...

How kind of you to think of me.

I think faith is one of the hardest things to write about. I haven't grown that ability, and I fear doing it amateurly. Or perhaps I consider it too personal. I go back and forth judging myself on that issue.

I do enjoy when you talk about your faith Aimee. You have done that occasionally.

Anyway, thanks for the mention and congratulations on your award!

Karin McAdams said...

Congratulations! I'm always telling people (very reliable, trustworthy people!) about your blog, and they all thank me. It still tickles me that our friend Boda is one of your admiring followers!

And thanks for mentioning my blog. It should inspire me to write on it again; I'm always more enthusiastic in the summer time.

Ashley W said...

Thanks for the award and the generous description of my blog! I just got back from traveling last night and I am finally getting around to responding to emails, comments, etc. I am glad that you won an award---I love reading your blog. I learn so much about food, gardening, and making things, and it is fun to see what you two are up to. I am looking forward to seeing you soon at the women's conference!