Saturday, May 22, 2010

One step at a time

Last week I said I'd be updating you with day 2 of the root cellar work. Well, day 2 has yet to happen. Jeremy is only working on that when the intern is here so he can teach him the ropes. Intern has been out sick, so Jeremy has been working on other projects.

Like, for instance, the bathroom electrical. Here's the old spot which had a standard light switch and plugin.

Jeremy wanted to put in all the electrical and drywall and get the bathroom to a finished state before putting the floor down upstairs.

This also meant finally getting our bathroom fan wired! It's the second one over from the left.

I was hoping Jeremy intended to actually wire the lights so I could show you the ugly old light in the bathroom (the one in both pics) and then show you the better light. But he left the light there. And he didn't even install the new one he wired in the ceiling!

But at least now we can use the bathroom and not have fluffs of insulation raining down on us. I think that only took a year...
And of course this is only a temporary fix since we have a whole plan for remodeling the bathroom. But who knows when that will happen.

p.s. The light switch is up higher than the original to make room for our really cool old sink that will go in someday. It has a really high back-splash. So I guess we'll have to patch that hole...

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