Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day! May Day!

It's May Day again here in south Minneapolis. Every year hundreds, if not thousands, of people gather for one of the wackiest parades I've ever seen (pics from last year). There is always a theme, though it's often hard to tell what it is, and it's open to anyone and everyone who wants to be involved, and there are no motorized vehicles allowed. It's all people-powered. Some of the same characters show up year after year and I truly look forward to this Minneapolis tradition. And, I can't help myself from taking lots of pictures and videos. It's a hard thing to capture!

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre is the main group that puts on the parade.

A friend of ours on his awesome drangonfly art bike:

Ubiquitous stilters:

Carrying a heavy load...

This whale was equipped with a water canon and would shoot off water every couple minutes.

I want this bicycle!

There are always lots of art bikes at the parade.

That's a big rooster!

At the end of the parade there is always the "free speech" section. This is where anyone and everyone who wants to march in the parade for any reason gets to march in the parade. I think this tail section is just as long as the parade itself - if not longer!

I always like the Aztec dancers:

Most everyone is full of energy, as this band proves - and we were sitting at the end of the parade route!

This is the most awesome bike contraption ever! Ten bicyclists (and someone to steer in front) pulling a trailer with a rock band, and behind that is a shack with a dozen or two people climbing in and out, on and off, up and down, and then there is a couch on wheels behind them, and a couple barrels with people in/on them!

My favorites - the polar bear and grizzly bear:

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