Friday, May 14, 2010

New & Improved Root Cellar: Day One

Remember last September, the beginnings of the new root cellar? Really just a bin of carrots and a box of potatoes in the corner of the basement. Remember:

Those were the days... before we moved everything into the basement to make room for logs! Since then the basement has looked like this:

Okay, it still looks a lot like that. At least we tried to keep only root-cellar type things in the root cellar area.

We did a little clean-up in the last couple days and this morning Jeremy and the intern got started with the initial work.

Cedar on the wall and floor because they can handle any moisture. Then we're reusing the old 2x4s that we removed from upstairs to fill in the walls. Most of the project today was removing tons of nails from the old 2x4s (lathe was nailed into them - so there were a ton of nails). They got the nailers up on the ceiling and some down on the floor and the corner post installed. It's pretty exciting to see it going up!

Tomorrow should be day two. I for one am looking forward to seeing how much they get done!

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taylorgirl6 said...

It's time for an award! Congrats!